Thursday, April 3

"Here We Go Again" - White Snake

I am officially a "blogger." I never thought I'd be here. I tried to write in diaries when I was little, but after a day or two, I would forget to write. My diary would ease its way under my bed, until I would come across it only to begin the vicious cycle again. I was a pretty bad pen pal too. That poor girl in France is probably still waiting on her postcard from The Perdido in Orange Beach.

But I am starting a new phase in my life, and I thought it would be fun to try something new. In May 2008 I am becoming an full-fledged adult. I am a little scared, but mostly I cannot wait to get started! So this little blog is my way of keeping in touch with friends and recording the crazy things that are bound to happen when a college girl enters the real world. 

So I'll talk to you soon... probably tomorrow. Actually, I wouldn't hold your breath. You may be in line with Genevieve from France. 

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