Thursday, April 23

tweet tweet.

I am on Twitter. Really? It's okay, I'm thinking the same thing.

Three things that will keep you (and me) from judging me:
1. Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker just replied to a comment I wrote her. how cool!
2. I am following the REAL Rob Pattinson aka Edward Cullen. So he's only written like 6 comments, but its Edward!
3. I've been offered an opportunity to do some freelance work with a well-known creative director!

Follow me, @lizwilbourne.

Thursday, April 16

s is for stealing this idea from mollie!

a is for anything: abracadabra
b is for baked good: strawberry cupcakes from savage's
c is for career: graphic designer, art teacher, interior designer, Vogue columnist, a hippie, a flight attendant
d is for day of the week: thursday is my favorite
e is for essentials: something sweet, blush, eyelash curler, fingernail polish, music, and toilet paper

You Look Awful!

Today was a weird day. I've been terribly sick the past couple of days. This week of being sick ranks up there with my top 5 sick times.  I'm not going to describe my top 5 (save any queasiness), but this week has been #3.

I've called in sick the past two days. So today I tried to trudge through it to go to class and work. I guess I didn't realize how quickly I've been going through Kleenexes because by the time I got to the Lakeshore Drive exit on 280, I was out. So I stopped at gas station to get a pack of Kleenex, and...          I don't have my billfold! I count my change, and I have enough for ONE pack of tissues. The cashier tells me that "You must feel awful.. you look like you do." thank you. (You Look Awful Comment #1)

Monday, April 13

coming out of the neurotic closet!

We all have tendencies that sometimes cause us to wonder if we may be a little off.

Sunday, April 12

through the sands of time...

This post is dedicated to Mollie. I was looking for something cool to write about, and I found this weird clock. How in the world is this made? 

It is mesmerizing to watch, but right now, with the thunder and the eerie background music, I can only watch it so long. Makes me kind of nervous!

Thursday, April 9

ciao, gelato!

with the warmer weather and baby green grass coming up, i wanted to show you a fresh, fruity desert that defines spring. plus, the website has a fun and sophisticated look!