Thursday, April 16

You Look Awful!

Today was a weird day. I've been terribly sick the past couple of days. This week of being sick ranks up there with my top 5 sick times.  I'm not going to describe my top 5 (save any queasiness), but this week has been #3.

I've called in sick the past two days. So today I tried to trudge through it to go to class and work. I guess I didn't realize how quickly I've been going through Kleenexes because by the time I got to the Lakeshore Drive exit on 280, I was out. So I stopped at gas station to get a pack of Kleenex, and...          I don't have my billfold! I count my change, and I have enough for ONE pack of tissues. The cashier tells me that "You must feel awful.. you look like you do." thank you. (You Look Awful Comment #1)

Then I go to class. As I am walking in, my teacher is walking out. He says, "How are you? Do you feel presentable... uh, I mean feeling better?" NO JOKE, plus he said it with worried eyebrows.  I knew I looked a little sickly, but was I really that bad-looking? (You Look Awful Comment #2)

We have groups in my class, and we had to discuss inquiry-based learning. Two of my group members sit in front of me. One girl is from Tawain -- she is usually really sweet, cute, but today she just turned around and stared at me. For like 5 minutes. Then she said, "You look like you feel awful." I do. (at least she said you feel awful, but technically You Look Awful Comment #3)

There are two art majors, including me, in my class. My teacher asked a question about art, so I answered. After the first few words that I said, I promise EVERY body in my class turned around and looked at me. I believe at least 50% of them slightly shook their head and gave me a pathetic glance. (You Look Awful Comment #4-20)

I leave class, and two of my classmates are standing out in the hallway. One of them asks me how old I am. I know I had a wtf look on my face, but I resisted the urge to lie and I told her 24. She didn't say anything else about it? She didn't react when I said 24, so  I couldn't tell if she thought I looked old or if she thought I was younger. (I still can't figure out why she asked me that. If you have a guess, I would love to hear it.) Then she said, "I felt so bad for you when you answered Dr. Meadows's question. You could barely get your answer out! You must be really sick." (I am going to count this as #21. Not technically a You Look Awful Comment, but maybe being sick made me look older? So I'm counting it.)

Now time for work. I'm not going into major details, but I will tell you I collected "You Look Awful Comments #22-26. Two from the same person, who really put it delicately. "Oh my gosh, you keep looking worse! You are really sick." 

Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel and LOOK a little better. I'm not sure I can handle anymore "You Look Awful"s!


:: mollie :: said...

liz!!! i feel so bad :(
but i want to beat up the girl that asked you how old you are... wtf??

margaretw28 said...

Oh Liz... you really are cracking me up! Wtf - haha!