Monday, April 13

coming out of the neurotic closet!

We all have tendencies that sometimes cause us to wonder if we may be a little off.

One of my best friends, Ashley, is DEATHLY AFRAID of fire. I bet right now she is cringing while she is reading this. When we lived together, she liked to check and re-check unplugged plugs and unlit candles. With her Smokey 'da Bear eye, we never had a threat of fire.

Other people have a bit sillier tendencies. Like me, for instance. When I say my prayers at night, I can go on forever. I feel like if I name the immediate members of my family, I need to name ALL the members of my family. I've learned to break it down by family groups rather than individuals. "Please be with Uncle Willy's family, Aunt Vikki's family, Aunt Carolyn's family..." This little trick has saved me big chunks of time. Then I start on my friends who need a prayer, but then I feel bad that I've left out someone because everyone needs a prayer, right? So I start naming more and more. Soon, I've prayed for every single human on the Earth by name. And then my alarm clock goes off.

Well, I will feel weird NO MORE! This blog is going to make you feel better, unless you're the kid who is checking her temperature 20 times a day.  

What are your neurotic ways?


:: mollie :: said...

i tear my paper napkins to shreds.
i must close my bathroom door before bed.
i cannot drink milk within two days of the expiration date.

there are many more. i dont want to embarrass myself.

Ashley and Jeff said...

Poor Jeff has been great about my fire obession. He will do a run through of the apt. before we are out the door because he knows I am about to.

Everyone has their quirks!

liz said...

we all do! i hope you didn't mind that i used your fear of fire.. it is what makes you the Ashley that I love!!