Thursday, February 25

A little yearbook quiz...

I stumbled upon some interesting and shocking yearbook photos of some of our favorite celebrities. Let's see if you can figure who's who. I'll put the answers at the bottom of the post. Good luck!

Tuesday, February 23

On Target

Two things that made me happy at Target this afternoon:

1) I bought a box of Johnson & Johnson band-aids, and they had Braille on them!

2) I found my future child. I followed a mom and her little girl and baby in the check-out line. The little girl, aka my future child, was about four and was sporting a white sweater, full tutu, pink tights, and little red Keds. To top it off, she had a huge white bow in her little blonde bob and was eating animal crackers. So precious!

Sunday, February 14

Happy V-Day!

    Happy Valentine's Day!    

Friday, February 5


My name is Liz, and I may be obsessed with Glee. 

Thursday, February 4

Thursday Night Special

Would you believe I made this pizza? 

I did! Really!

I made Kate's delicious White Chicken pizza the other night. It's a simple but flavorful recipe.