Tuesday, February 23

On Target

Two things that made me happy at Target this afternoon:

1) I bought a box of Johnson & Johnson band-aids, and they had Braille on them!

2) I found my future child. I followed a mom and her little girl and baby in the check-out line. The little girl, aka my future child, was about four and was sporting a white sweater, full tutu, pink tights, and little red Keds. To top it off, she had a huge white bow in her little blonde bob and was eating animal crackers. So precious!

When Kate and I were about 3 and 4, our parents had a big Halloween party. My mother got us real ballerina suits complete with real Capezio ballet pink tights and slippers. I'm pretty sure we stayed in those costumes for a couple of weeks after we got them. If it wouldn't be weird for a 25 year old to wear, it would still be my outfit of choice. I would probably add my dance line boots to the mix; I loved those too.

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mollie said...

attention target shoppers... hold on to your cute kids. there is a kid snatcher on the loose.