Wednesday, April 23

"Makes Me Wonder" - Maroon 5

So you thought you were abandoned... but I'm back. Better late than never!
Today is Wednesday (three more days of class and college career is ovah!!), and that means its What's Up? Wednesday. I've decided it is just as easy for you to look up US Weekly and get a far more interesting look at the latest celebrity gossip. So, I am using Wednesdays to bring up topics that I have an opinion about. This week is Gossip Girl's Episode 14. If you haven't seen it yet, I'll try not to spill any major spoilers.

Thursday, April 10

Overheard Friday!

Hipster Girl #1: So you guys should come. Oh! You should bring your boyfriend, I haven't met him yet.
Hipster Girl #2: I wish I could, but it's on Wed. night right? He's really into fashion, that's when he watches Project Runway.
(Hipster Girl#1 stares blankly at Hipster #2 for a few moments.)
Hipster Girl #1: Oh.

-- Central Park

Sunday, April 6

"Something to Talk About" - Bonnie Rait

You may not have noticed, but I'm using the titles of songs from my iTunes as titles for my posts. Pretty innovative, I know. I think it is kind of cool though. And to why my blog is named "something to talk about," it is named after one of my mother's favorite songs by Bonnie Raitt. Whenever I hear this song, I think about my mother's car dance. When we are all in the car, she does this little dance, pumping her little fists in the air and shimming. She actually was caught (by a father of a child in her classroom!) doing this two-step BY HERSELF on the way to Birmingham. Oh, I love her. 

So I've decided to spice up this blog. I am going to have theme days! I know at this point my sisters are rolling their eyes thinking back to what I made them do when we were younger. Themes should be my middle name. Anyway, as many people know, I am obsessed with visiting Overheard in New York and It's not that I thrive on knowing the latest about Britney and company, but you need a little excitement when you work with pen tool and kerning all day. And I love music and am constantly making new playlists in iTunes. So, get ready...

Mondays are now... Music Mondays. 
You get a "song of the week" from DJ Liz. 
Wednesdays are now... What's Up? Wednesdays. 
Updates on the latest from US Weekly.
Fridays are now... Overheard Fridays. 
I'll give you my favorite quotes from NYC's finest.

We'll see how long this lasts! 

Saturday, April 5

"Sugar, Sugar"- The Archies

this is baby gretchen!
this is baby grace! 
I remembered! I'm currently in phase two of production of my senior project, so I don't have much time to write. But, I am going to leave with you with two of my FAVORITE things in the WORLD.

Thursday, April 3

"Here We Go Again" - White Snake

I am officially a "blogger." I never thought I'd be here. I tried to write in diaries when I was little, but after a day or two, I would forget to write. My diary would ease its way under my bed, until I would come across it only to begin the vicious cycle again. I was a pretty bad pen pal too. That poor girl in France is probably still waiting on her postcard from The Perdido in Orange Beach.