Thursday, April 10

Overheard Friday!

Hipster Girl #1: So you guys should come. Oh! You should bring your boyfriend, I haven't met him yet.
Hipster Girl #2: I wish I could, but it's on Wed. night right? He's really into fashion, that's when he watches Project Runway.
(Hipster Girl#1 stares blankly at Hipster #2 for a few moments.)
Hipster Girl #1: Oh.

-- Central Park

Old Jewish lady to moron who parked in the walkway: Move your vehicle! Citizen's arrest! Get the f* out of my way!


Big mama in bathroom stall with daughter: Hurry up and pee!
Young girl: Mommy, I can't pee with other people around!
Big Mama: Honey, if and when you go to jail, you gonna hafta pee in front of other people.

--Scarborough Beach, Rhode Island

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