Sunday, January 31

Sunday Scramble (and I'm not talking about eggs...)

A little anecdote of what happened to me a week ago: I woke up to a huge clap of thunder. Not only did this startle me, but I believe it threw me out of whack. Shouldn't my alarm have already gone off? I feel pretty rested, so what time is it? I bet I'm so late! I realize it is 8:28 am, and I'm supposed to be in my office in 2 minutes! I scramble to my computer and email the entire marketing team. "Alarm didn't go off... will be in as soon as possible!"

Saturday, January 30

Nothing to talk about?

I have figured out a solution to my non-committal relationship with my blog... scheduled posting!  Ta da!

Thursday, January 28

Mint Julep Studio

I have a confession to tell you... I have another blog, and I have had it for a while now.

It is for Mint Julep Studio, my "brand" that represents my graphic design portfolio and my works of art (mainly paintings). I've kept it hidden, so I would have time to work on it. But I'm ready to, slowly but surely, come out of the blog closet (so to speak!).

I really want to treat the blog like a flexible, interactive on-line portfolio. It will get there one day soon. Until then, I will be sharing snippets of inspiration and work for you.

You can identify these posts by this tagline:

Fifty People, One Question

I found this website by the addicting Stumble button, and I'm so glad that I did. Here's the scoop (information from the website):

Fifty People One Question is an ongoing social experiment and film series exploring human connections through people and place. The project began in New Orleans in 2008 and has since traveled across the globe, touching millions of viewers. Along the way, the films have captured a small slice of humanity; to discover dreams, losses, reflections, stories and secrets, some shared and some completely unrepeatable.