Wednesday, October 29

i love... puppy halloween costumes.


i love pet costumes, especially ones that make the pup look like they are standing!  look at willie!!

p.s. look who's on a 'blog posting' roll!!

Tuesday, October 28

i love... kayne's lyrics.

i like his rhythm. i like how sophisticated his lyrics can be. smart rap.

here's one of my all-time favorite lyrics:

dressed smart like a london bloke
before he speak his suit bespoke
and you thought he was cute before
look at this p coat, tell me he's broke

love it!

Monday, October 27

i love... sujean rim.

a fresh coat of paint

something to talk about is getting a fresh makeover. i have a problem writing a blog entry every day, even every month. my friend mollie is really good at it. i am not. kind of pathetic. so i'm changing perspectives... to promote things that i love.

everyday it seems like i find something that intrigues me. so i'm going to start telling you about these fun things. i think i'm ripping martha stewart's (or is it oprah?) things i love, but as my mom says when my sisters take my clothes or do things just like i do, "It's the best compliment."

so here's to the things i love and martha (or oprah)...