Sunday, January 31

Sunday Scramble (and I'm not talking about eggs...)

A little anecdote of what happened to me a week ago: I woke up to a huge clap of thunder. Not only did this startle me, but I believe it threw me out of whack. Shouldn't my alarm have already gone off? I feel pretty rested, so what time is it? I bet I'm so late! I realize it is 8:28 am, and I'm supposed to be in my office in 2 minutes! I scramble to my computer and email the entire marketing team. "Alarm didn't go off... will be in as soon as possible!"

I start rushing through my morning ritual, only to think back to something my friend, Sara, said last night. Didn't she say she had to work today? Why did I ask her if the pharmacy opened after noon? (You can tell I'm from Cullman, Alabama now -- we had a blue law 
that prohibited businesses from opening before lunch so employees could go to church.)  

Oh great, I just emailed work telling them "running late... sorry for any inconvenience," and it is Sunday.  Life, 15 - love


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mollie said...

classic liz!