Thursday, February 4

Thursday Night Special

Would you believe I made this pizza? 

I did! Really!

I made Kate's delicious White Chicken pizza the other night. It's a simple but flavorful recipe. 

Here's what I did:
I used Publix's homemade yeast pizza dough. You can get it in the deli department -- it's just a ball of dough in bag. 

I spread pesto in a thin layer on the bottom of the hand tossed dough. (I used a refrigerated tub of pesto -- it's fresh and also in the deli department). 

Then I layered thin slices of Roma tomotoes and roasted chicken. ( I bought a roasted chicken from the deli department. Go Publix!) I pulled all the chicken off the bone. I only used a quarter of the chicken for the pizza and froze the rest of chicken for future dishes. 

Layer on the mozzarella! I also brushed a thin layer of olive oil on the crust to give it a golden brown color. I baked according to the directions that came with the pizza dough. 

This recipe is easy on the billfold, and it makes a huge pizza, enough for several meals. Plus, the rest of the chicken will make a pretty big amount of chicken salad, or you can use it for other recipes.

Thanks for the recipe, Kate!

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vgterry said...

Looks great, we should share recipes!

Sorry I darted so fast after class without getting to speak for a bit

mollie said...

thanks for the invite.