Wednesday, April 23

"Makes Me Wonder" - Maroon 5

So you thought you were abandoned... but I'm back. Better late than never!
Today is Wednesday (three more days of class and college career is ovah!!), and that means its What's Up? Wednesday. I've decided it is just as easy for you to look up US Weekly and get a far more interesting look at the latest celebrity gossip. So, I am using Wednesdays to bring up topics that I have an opinion about. This week is Gossip Girl's Episode 14. If you haven't seen it yet, I'll try not to spill any major spoilers.

I really liked GG until the latest episode. Episode 14 was "the episode after the writer's strike settled." But I like to think of it as the episode that led to the downfall of Gossip Girl. So much has changed. First of all, when did Serena's mother and Chuck's dad start dating, much less become engaged? Jenny is turning into old B. Serena and Dan are all over each other. And Chuck is starting to look pretty cute (is this just me?). 
Anyway, besides that Gossip Girl is getting a little too mean for such a young audience. This stuff is barely appropriate for my age group. Maybe I'm getting older and more conservative. Example 1, I never watch Cruel Intentions anymore; I feel guilty FOR the conscience-deprived characters. I can't get past the scene with Sebastian and his therapist! Sad for a movie I've seen, oh, about 100 times.

 But I don't think I'm being too ridiculous about Gossip Girl. True, I'll probably continue to watch it. It's the "Hills syndrome." You know its stupid, mean, and fake, but you can't stay away. (Side note: I CAN stay away from Spencer, Heidi, and Heidi's new look... ugh, gross.) 

And lastly, what is with the new campaign for Gossip Girl? "OMG" -- that's okay, but I was on, and after 10 pm, OMG switches to OMFG. Totally unacceptable! When I say "OMG," I mean "oh my gosh." But for others, the might say otherwise. And then to put "F" in front of it, so disrespectful. We are creating a world that hates itself, and I hope we can turn this mother around before its too late. ( Does that saying, "turn this mother around," mean mf-er? If it does, sorry I just contradicted myself, but you know what I mean.)

Now that I've gotten that off my chest... haha, I didn't realize how worked up I was over that. I promise I haven't thought about this all day. I had much more important things to do, like fight over a ruler with some jerk in the Digital Resource Lab at school. Good thing I'm pretty passive to strangers. 

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mollie said...

liz... you are so funny. OMG! haha