Wednesday, August 20

"You Know I Am No Good" - Amy Winehouse

Thought I'd forgotten again?? Ha - I did, but I'm back with a new wind. I'm a different person now... I'm a GROWN-UP. Or at least I'm supposed to be. This summer's internship was a learning experience in many ways, and I feel like I had a big dose of grown-up reality. Here I am... a fully- capable graphic designer who can't find a job. I've heard this is currently a big problem. I may be unemployed, but at least I'm trendy! 

This isn't really a trend I want to be a part of, so I've applied to work at PB Kids. I'm pretty excited. It is uber cute in there, I get a big discount, and I get to wear a headset. I mean, how can you beat that? 

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