Sunday, September 7

"Going to the Chapel" -The Crystals

My roommate and dearest friend, Ashley, is engaged!! It was such a sweet event to watch, and her fiance did a wonderful job planning this special day.

Thinking we were all going to a Braves game in Atlanta, Ashley had no clue what was about to happen. Jeff planned an elaborate day. At each stage of the day, he had a sweet letter for her. She kept thinking, "Okay, it's about to happen!" But she always had one more place to go! Finally, she arrived to her final destination in a limo with her parents.

Jeff reserved a room at The Club where his and Ashley's families could watch while Jeff proposed to Ashley on the balcony. It was so sweet to watch Jeff's face when he saw Ashley. He started crying - he was so happy! Ashley came running down the sidewalk and gave Jeff a huge hug. It was perfect! After Ashley said "YES!," we lifted the shade, and Ashley saw that we had been there the whole time! It was so exciting!!!

It was so hard not to tell Ashley what was about to happen! I knew the night before it happened, and it was so difficult to act nonchalant. As anyone can tell you, you can 99.9% tell what I am thinking by my facial expression. Not only did I have to act like nothing was out of the ordinary, I had to also figure out a way to back out of the trip to Atlanta! Everything I told Ashley, she would say,"Please go. I want you to come with us!" I kept giving in. But I finally came up with an idea... I had to take someone else's shift at work. This had to work... I was running out of ideas!  I knew she would be able to tell something was up by my voice, so I sent her a text message. She later told me she was wondering why I kept trying to sketch out on her!

I am not a really sappy person, but it was so special to watch two people, who are so in love with each other, make this wonderful decision. It was such a sweet moment!  And while this isn't the most important part of the proposal, her ring is GORGEOUS and BLINGIN'!! 


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