Thursday, April 16

s is for stealing this idea from mollie!

a is for anything: abracadabra
b is for baked good: strawberry cupcakes from savage's
c is for career: graphic designer, art teacher, interior designer, Vogue columnist, a hippie, a flight attendant
d is for day of the week: thursday is my favorite
e is for essentials: something sweet, blush, eyelash curler, fingernail polish, music, and toilet paper

f is for favorite food: my momma's southern cooking and BBQ
g is for good: life is
h is for 'hood: inverness
is for instrument: watching someone play the guitar and piano
is for jail tv show: no way, jose. keeping up with the kardashians... khloe went to jail!
k is for kicking butt: margaret running 3 miles like a pro
l is for last meal: margherita pizza
m is for mo' adventure
n is for names: henry, finn, leighton, annabet, ryn, perry
o is for the other day: i was thinking about what all I am thankful for: i am really blessed.
p is for peeps: i saw a sign for Easter baby chicks and ducks in cullman, and i wanted one.
q is for quote: "hey bull-let-hole." -- kate at the faunsdale crawfish festival
r is for ridiculous: lindsay lohan and her mother
s is for silly: gretchen weiners and grace the chunky dachshund
is for tgif!
u is for underwear -- I'm out. Need to do laundry.
w is for wish: to be paid to do the things that I love/ open my own store and for a free trip to london, paris, and greece, world peace, happiness for all
x is for xavier. since noticing the xavier signature on my first cabbage patch, that name has intrigued me.
y is for yearn: for finding a boy who: can cut a rug, loves me for me, loves traveling, is ambitious and charmingly funny, and plays golf (per Jeff's request!)
z is for zodiac: capricorn

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:: mollie :: said...

love it!
especially w & y.
amen seester.