Thursday, May 27

GREECE is the word

I'm back. You may have noticed, but I like to play a little game I've named blog amnesia.  Blog amnesia is when I forget I have a blog and don't post anything for a few months. It happened once again. I wish I was like my diligent friend, Mollie. Her blog Notes from the Liquor Cabinet is fabulous. (Side note: Don't worry -- she's not being clever about being a closet drinker. Her blog's name originates from a funny story when she was an intern at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Her office was the closet for the Art on the Rocks alcohol! No joke.)

This time next week I will be in GREECE! I'm super excited. I will be traveling with a study abroad group from the University of Alabama. WDE. There are 30 of us and two teacher/leaders. We will be hopping around the country every few days. More after the jump!

Here is where we will be traveling, if you want to follow me! 

I'm planning to update my blog as I can. I'm also writing in a journal while I'm in Greece. If you know me, that is a lot of commitment, so I may have to update my blog more when I get back.

I cannot wait!! I'm a little nervous about the unknown, but that's what makes this trip so exciting!

Top 5 things I'm excited about

1) the food
I love Greek food -- I even use Greek Seasoning as my house seasoning when I cook. I absolutely love lamb, feta, and Greek salad. I'm not a big fan of olives, but I'm going to give them a try. I'm going to try everything that I can -- I'll give you a full report on what I liked and what I didn't. We are eating at Ancient Tastes one night. It is a really neat-looking restaurant. 

2) the airports
I am a big fan of airports, which I guess is a good thing since one of our flights was postponed. We will be in the Thessaloniki airport for 6 hours. This is after a 11 hour flight over the Atlantic. Back to airports, they are so intriguing to me. You see all types of people. There is an excitement ( most of the time) in the air, and people are flying to all sorts of locations. I love it!

3) the views
Greece is beautiful in photos -- I know it will be breathtaking in person!

4) the adventure and culture of Greece
I can worry about the little things too much sometimes, but deep inside I am a hippie at heart. I cannot wait to see what I discover and experience in Greece. I think I could be a traveler for the rest of my life.

5) my passport
I cannot wait to get a stamp! I got the cutest Etsy cover for my passport, and I cannot wait to use it!

I guess the next time I will write on here,  I will be in a different country! CRAZY!

Check ya later... αντίο!


vgterry said...

I know your adventures will be fantastic.. enjoy yourself!

mollie said...

liz! thanks for the sweet shout out! are you here today/tonight/this weekend?