Tuesday, November 4

i love... the dramatic tv coverage of elections.

i love the graphics (which have gotten more high tech this year... the faux set with Roman colums, check it), the excitement of not knowing the which state is going to turn red or blue, and i love brian williams. my litte sister is in love with brian. and i may be too. i'll have to write my next post about why we love him.

anyway, i tried to figure out why i love this type of coverage. is it because of the grown-up talk that i can understand since i am a voter, or is it the pomp and circumstance of official governmental business? i get this same feeling when i land on espn during the day. and when i watch headline news/msnbc/fox news, and i get to see the latest news and market stats. so, maybe its not only the elections?  maybe i'm just hooked on intellectual commentators and fast facts. 

side note: nbc did some cool things tonight. like using the skating rink at rockefeller plaza as a giant map with red and blue states and using the building as a larger than life tally board for the electoral votes. 


:: mollie :: said...

liz, you dont love anymore?

Ashley and Jeff said...

time for a new blog, liz! lova you!

Clayton said...

I know the world ended on election day but let's act like it didn't and you can start blogging again!