Thursday, February 25

A little yearbook quiz...

I stumbled upon some interesting and shocking yearbook photos of some of our favorite celebrities. Let's see if you can figure who's who. I'll put the answers at the bottom of the post. Good luck!

1.  Can you guess who this is?  I'll give you two hints.

     1) He has a bedazzled juice cup.
     2) He has a grill.
2.  I'll give you a hint: She's a lady.

3. She is a scary lady. 
4. You will never guess.
 5. This is just funny and kind of gross.
     I bet he has a rat tail back there.

6.  Any guesses who this might be?
Look very closely, you might can guess!
 7. Very Vixing?
8. At first this one blew me away; now I can see it.

9. Ha

10. Homewood High School

The answers!
1. Lil John

2. Lady Gaga

3. Kate of Jon & Kate plus 8

 4. Pam Anderson

5. Jimmy Fallon

6. Ryan Seacrest (really)

7. Vince Vaughn

8. Jeremy Piven (Definitely a gets-cuter-with-age type of person, I think.)

9. Jamie Foxx

10. Courteney Cox (Did you know that she is from B'ham?)

How did you do?


mollie said...

poor ryan seacrest! yikes. but courtney cox was adorable.

Ashley and Jeff said...

I love Lil John's photo; it makes me laugh.